Tips and Trick for CS Exam Preparation

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) managements the examination for Foundation, Executive and Professional course students in the month of June and December every year.  The examination is scheduled to be held from December 21 to December 31.
In the below section, we are listing some important tips for CS Professional Students, which are may be helpful for you.


  • Plan for your exam preparation and set your dedicated timelines according to your exam syllabus - some subjects are may be interrelated to each other, read them one after the one.
  • Do preparation for the two courses at the same time, if possible, one from theory part and one from practical part
  • Strictly comply to the exam syllabus
  • Use the Scanner: check the pattern of questions in the previous exam papers and check the weight of chapters in the syllabus. Look for the few questions, which are repeatedly asked in the exam.
  • Make your own notes while preparing for the exam. Scribble in your books, underline the important points, and make small pointers on important topics.
  • Cover the whole study module, important topic and refer to good author’s book and bare acts.
  • Focus on the conceptual understanding and co-relations among various topics. Do not focus on memorizing, but understand and analyze the topics.
  • Cover latest the modules; 6 months prior to the examination amendments, they are extremely important. Update yourself through the departmental websites, because books would not contain that updates.
  • Two revisions of per subject before the examination is must do the practice of course as much as you can.
  • Pick up the important questions the from the scanner (every chapter) and try to solve them regularly.
  • Practice the write the answer speedily and focus a lot on good presentation of answers. 
  • Highlight the important points and read them very carefully, focus on good handwriting and avoid the cutting or overwriting in the exam.
  • Give a long answer with an introduction, body and good conclusion to prepare a good answer.
  • In case of related questions write about facts, dispute, decision, justification and legal references.
  • Use the legal language cites cases and sections to the extent possible. Substantiate your point by references from good authors.
  • Read the concepts of thoroughly, practice them regularly and be confident in the examination during writing the paper.
  • Write your best-prepared question to be answered first in the exam.
  • Stay away from social media sites and also from other distractions things, at least for a month before the examination.
  • After complete the prepared answers to all questions, read the difficult questions again and again, and try to concentrate rather than feeling stressed.
  • Manage the time before writing the answer paper and do not spend too much time to think about any question. Time management is the key for every student.


  • Do not do the only selective study. Also, read all the chapters and their sub-points carefully to clear all the doubts. It gives you a better choice in exam time.​ Don't keep thinking about the mistakes during the examination
  • Do not do group study, because with friends nobody can study with the concentrate.
  • Do not get misguided through rumors and myths. Do cross questioning on your every doubt with institute's website or your teachers.
  • Do not cut off from everything, just do any extracurricular activity like music, dance, painting or sports during the preparation of exams, by which you can relax your mind and prepare for the study.
  • Do not disturb your daily routine and sleep time, especially near to exam time.
  • No need to panic in examination time. Have the faith on your hard work and be confident in yourself. Try to meditate for four to five minutes before the exam starts. Look at the question paper, analyze it properly, and then try to find out your best-prepared question to start with.
  • Do not leave any question. Attend all questions and give answer carefully.
  • Eat well, sleep well and study well.

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