ISRO Recruitment- Scientists/Engineers Vacancy – Last Date 16 April 2016

  • Mar 27, 2016
Location: Karnataka, IN
Organization Name: ISRO Recruitment- Scientists/Engineers Vacancy
Employment Type: Full-time

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

Scientists/Engineers (Computer Science Engineering)

Address: ISRO Satellite Centre, Old Airport Road, Vimanapura Post, Bangalore, Karnataka 560 017

Pay Scale (Salary): (PB 3) Rs.15600-39100/- + GP Rs. 5400/-

Desirable Qualifications: M.E./M.Tech or equivalent in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/ Computer Science & Engineering/ Computer Networks/Distributed Computing/Information Technology with pre-requisite of B.E./B.Tech or equivalent in Computer Science/Computer Engineering /Computer Science & Engineering/Information Technology /Information Science

Job Responsibilities / Job Description: The candidate shall have an aptitude to work in :

1. UNIX and other operating systems.

2. Networking

3. Data Base Management and Administration

4. Object oriented techniques

5. High Performance Computing Systems

6. PLM and Concurrent Engineering

No of Post (Vacancies) in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO): 01

Age Limit: 18-35 years as on 16.04.2016

Last Date to Apply For This Job : 04/16/2016

How to Apply in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO): 1. The application for on-line registration will be hosted in the ISRO web-site during the period from 26.03.2016 to 16.04.2016. Candidates may visit our website to register their applications on-line between 26.03.2016 and 16.04.2016. Applications will be received through on-line only. Upon registration, applicants will be provided with an on-line Registration Number, which should be carefully preserved for future reference. E-mail ID of the applicant will have to be provided in the on-line application correctly and compulsorily (Call letters for interview for those who will be screened-in will be sent by email only).

2. The on-line application has to be invariably followed-up with a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from the employer concerned by those who are already in employment under Central/State Government, Public Sector Undertaking or Autonomous Body, etc. duly indicating the name, the post for which applied/Post No. and Regn. No. on the reverse of the NOC.

General Instructions: § ऑन-राइन द्िाया आिेदनों ऩय ही विचाय क्रकमा जाएगा। प्रत्मऺ आिेदनों ऩय विचाय नहीॊ क्रकमा जाएगा। Applications made through on-line only will be entertained. Physical applications will not be entertained. § ऩद अस्थामी हैं, ऩयॊतुइनके फने यहने की सॊबािना है। The posts are temporary, but likely to continue. § उऩयोक्ट्त उब्ल्रखखत ऩद अनॊनतभ हैं एिॊ िास्तविक अऩेऺाओँ के आधाय ऩय फदर सकते हैं। The number of posts indicated above is provisional and may vary depending on the actual requirements.

§ ननमक्ट्ुत व्मब्क्ट्तमों को आिश्मकतानसु ाय , बायत भें कहीॊ ऩय बी ब्स्थत बायतीम अॊतरयऺ अनसु धॊ ान सॊगठन/अॊतरयऺ विबाग के क्रकसी बी के न्र/मनूनटों भें तैनात क्रकए जा सकते हैं। इसयो के के न्र/मनूनटों के विियण हेत, ु कृऩमा देखें। The appointees are liable to be posted in any of the Centres/Units of the Indian Space Research Organization/Department of Space situated anywhere in India, as and when required. For details of ISRO Centre/Units, please visit § ऩद सॊ. SC01 से SC06 के सॊदबय भें साऺात्काय के लरए चमननत फाहय से आनेिारे अभ्मर्थयमों को ऑन-राइन आिेदन भें ठदए गए ऩते से साऺात्काय स्थान तक ननकटतभ यास्ते के द्िाया आने-जाने हेतुद्वितीम श्रेणी शमन येर बाडा अथिा नॉन ए.सी. फस शल्ुक, अथिा िास्तविक बाडा जो बी कभ हो को, मािा का प्रभाण प्रस्ततु कयने ऩय जैसे क्रक येर, फस, हिाई इत्माठद ब्जसभें बी मािा क्रकमा हो का बाडा ठदमा जाएगा।

§ Outstation candidates shortlisted for interview in r/o Post. No SC01 to SC06 will be paid to and fro Second Class sleeper Railway fare by the shortest distance from the address given in on-line application to the place of interview or non-A/c Bus fare or actual fare whichever is less on production of proof of journey, irrespective of the mode of journey viz., Rail, Bus, Air, etc. § इसयो क्रकसी बी ऩद अथिा सबी ऩदों की बती कयने मा न कयने का अर्धकाय सयुक्षऺत यखता है। ISRO reserves the right not to fill up all or any of the posts, if it so desires. § के िर बायतीम नागरयक आिेदन कय सकते हैं। Only Indian Nationals need to apply. § कोई अतॊ रयभ ऩिाचाय स्िीकाय नहीॊ क्रकमा जाएगा। क्रकसी प्रकाय के स्ऩष्ट्टीकयण हेतुअभ्मथी से भेर बेजें।

No interim correspondence will be entertained. In case of any clarification, candidates may send their mail to § क्रकसी बी प्रकाय की माचना कयने ऩय आिेदन को अनहय भाना जाएगा। CANVASSING IN ANY FORM WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF APPLICATION. § आम, ु अहयता, इत्माठद के लरए 16.04.2016 (ऑन-राइन आिेदन प्राप्त कयने की अॊनतभ तायीख) अॊनतभ तायीख होगा। 16.04.2016 (LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF ON-LINE APPLICATIONS) will be the cut-off date for all purposes like age, qualification, etc.

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